The Château de l'Emperi and museum

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The Château de l'Emperi and museum

Emperi: to visit during your stay at the hotel

The château de l'Emperi and museum: not to be missed

Nestled on the rocky outcrop Rocher du Puech, this fortified castle, located 2.8km from our hotel, was built in the IX century and, along with the chateaux of Tarascon and Avignon, is one of three of the oldest chateaux in Provence still remaining. It was the residence of the archbishop of Arles, as well as German emperors. Numerous important people have also stayed here: François 1er, Catherine de’ Medici who came to consult with Nostradamus, Henry the Great… Converted into a barrack in the XIX century, the chateau was listed as a Historic Monument in 1956. It houses the Salon and de la Crau Museum, Nostradamus’ Physic Gardens and the Army Museum, which today contains one of the world’s most impressive collections of military art and history.

Information: The castle and the Emperi Museum are less than 10 minutes away from our ACE Hotel Salon-de-Provence.

Château et Musée de l’Emperi
Montée du Puech
13300 Salon-de-Provence