Rocher Mistral

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Rocher Mistral

Rocher Mitral: to discover during your stay at the hotel

Rocher Mistral: a magical experience for the whole family

In the heart of the thousand-year-old castle of La Barben, Rocher Mistral offers a wonderful dive into the history of Provence.
Popular with visitors for the originality and quality of its shows, Rocher Mistral is a must-see during your stay in Salon-de-Provence. Musical comedy, medieval show with stuntmen or puppets, Provencal market on a Marcel Pagnol tune, Rocher Mistral promises an unforgettable experience, rich in emotion, for for children and adults alike.

A little extra during your stay at the hotel: our teams provide ticketing for the park.

Found at? Rocher Mistral is only 8 km by car from ACE Hotel Salon-de-Provence.

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