Maison Tamisier

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Maison Tamisier

Taste the Tamisier pastries during your stay at the hotel

The divine navettes are at Maison Tamisier

Delicately flavoured with orange blossom water, the navette is a Provençal tradition whose shape symbolises the Mediterranean fisherman's boat.
Handmade, the beautiful pure butter navettes of the Maison Tamisier are absolutely irresistible. If you wish to savour Provence during your hotel stay in Salon-de-Provence, go to Tamisier without delay!

Found at: Maison Tamisier is located in the city centre, a few minutes from ACE Hotel Salon-de-Provence.

Maison Tamisier
Le Fournil de l'Horloge
96 rue de l’Horloge
13300 Salon de Provence