La Barben zoo

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La Barben zoo

La Barben zoo: a day out in the open air for the whole family!

Very easily accessible by car via the D572, La Barben zoological park is only 10 km from ACE hotel Salon-de-Provence. More than 600 animals live in this beautiful park with its Mediterranean scent. Lion, cheetah, giraffe, marmoset, cassowary, anaconda, elephant, wolf, crocodile, tiger, anteater, hippopotamus... more than 150 species catch the eyes of young and old. When some roar, others chirp, cackle, yelp and give a show for our greatest pleasure.

Found at: It takes less than 15 minutes by car to get to La Barben Zoo from ACE Hotel Salon-de-Provence

La Barben zoological park
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