Salon-de-Provence City Guide

Fontaine Moussue

La Fontaine Moussue: an iconic fontain

Salon-de-Provence’s cultural heritage includes many fountains but Fontaine Moussue is a real town mascot.
Located at Place Crousillat, this large fountain was erected by the sculptor Maurice Bernus in 1775. Concealed in a moss-lined hollow, which is how the fountain got its name, this drinking-trough fountain has two basins. Since World War II, Fontaine Moussue has literally become covered in limestone concretions that have joined the two basins into one solid block. This was then covered in vegetation and moss to leave it looking like an enchanted tree.
Since this phenomenon gradually developed, Fontaine Moussue has become a real symbol of Salon-de-Provence.

Found at:
Fontaine Moussue
Place Crousillat
13300 Salon-de-Provence